Dirty talks

dirty talk

Silent sex can be exciting, but no more exciting than nasty talks during the most enjoyable moments. Moaning, sighing and uttering sounds can add that little something that turns pleasure into memorable thing. But that doesn’t mean one can tell anything in the face of the lovĺr so that he or she will get excited. And everything that happens between two people who trust and feel comfortable at each other’s presence looks extremely sexy and arousing. In this regard nothing proves to be spicier than few “dirty” words that you can tell to your lover.

The first and the foremost thing are certainly trust and consent. Of course you can suddenly let yourself go and say something really nasty, but the reaction can be unpredictable from the spat on your face to the awkward silence in response. Again, forcing what comes against your partner’s desire cannot feel good.

The best way in this situation is to start with a compliment, whispering into his or her ears, uttering what makes you feel so horny about your partner. Check My Dallas Weekend.

You may also try to pre-communicate the sexual encounter, leaving notes to each other or sending intriguing messages. Anticipation of the event can become a huge turn on.

Talking out your deepest sexual fantasies is not only a good way to spice up the process but also makes you understand your lover’s needs.

Saying something really nasty or vulgar may surprisingly take your partner at the heights of bliss, taking into consideration you at least know the possible reaction or you learned from her or him that it’s ok with both of you.

In fact, those who try dirty talks and are used to spice up their sex life with seductive conversations feel more closer as a result and are more satisfied with their relationships.

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