Sexual incompatibility is your marriage enemy

Sexual incompatibility is your marriage enemy

Sometimes people find it difficult to understand why relationships ended. A few years ago everyone was happy and togetherness seemed to last forever. However, with the time dissatisfaction became evident. Does it mean that love has died? Many problems actually take roots from sexual incompatibility. According to numerous researches sexual disharmony became triggers for divorce in 40 percent of cases.

In many cases, men and women have different attitudes towards sex. Very often a woman is brought up in rigorous atmosphere and was taught to see sex as dirty and disgusting. No need to say that if her husband has unprejudiced attitude towards sex, the situation will sooner or later become tense. Check My Dallas Weekend.

Some couples claim that they are incompatible physically, when for example a man has too big penis and woman has tight vagina but this is quite a rare situation. In most cases the supposed physical incompatibility is either lack of lubrication for a woman or wrong position.

Other complaint is disharmony of sexual drives of both partners. In a situation when man needs sex 5 times per week and his wife will be content with twice times per month, infidelity becomes a way out to compensate for the lack of sexual activity. However if we take the situation when a woman is more demanding in bed, a man may simply become anxious about his performance and this may even lead to erectile dysfunction.

Communication is often the key to discuss those intimate issues and very important the first big step lies in open discussion of each side’s problems. This shouldn’t sound as resentment but rather as a way to find a compromise.

One should not take sexual incompatibility as natural. Constant dissatisfaction is a route for physical and emotional problems and two people who found common ground in other areas of their lives can well make their sexual lives healthy and harmonious.

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