Solo sex with your lover

solo sex

What about having sex with dallas escorts you love the most? I mean with yourself and ..with you partner watching. Some of you will be probably ashamed to tell, but everyone knows that almost all of us masturbated from time to time.

You could discovered strange feelings at your early teens when you occasionally touched yourself down there and lately found it’s the best possible way to reduce sexual tension. No one told you it was a good thing to do but almost everyone claimed sex is awesome. Who wouldn’t be curious enough to know how it feels when you are completely alone? However, most of us still think that masturbation is a private matter and few admitted they did it in front of their lover.

You could ask why would anyone masturbated in the presence of another person if you have a possibility to do what’s natural? Indeed, gratification from the partner sex is often higher if you both find understanding on this level. But it doesn’t mean you cannot derive pleasure from playing solo in each other’s presence. The reasons for that can be different:

  1. You cannot achieve orgasm during intercourse. This often concerns women, who are not enjoying vaginal penetration (and more than half of women don’t). In this regard, stimulating your own sensitive zones like clitoris during intercourse can be the better way to experience the heights of pleasure.
  2. You give your partner a necessary knowledge about your own body. Even the most experienced lover cannot know your body better than you do. If you really want to get maximum sexual satisfaction, it’s a matter of your willingness to show what brings you the most pleasure.
  3. You have no protection for safer sex. The reasons can be different, but if you find yourself in a situation when the arousal is high and immediate, why not having solo sex at the spot, it’s safe, fun and very spicy.
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